A carved stone frog


Han dynasty, 206BC- 220AD, China

漢代, 中國

L21 x W15.5 x H17.5 cm

長21 x 寬15.5 x 高17.5 釐米

L8.27 x W6.1 x H6.89 inches

The large frog, carved with a minimal amount of detail but with a naturalistic feel, is seated on its haunches, with inflated underbelly resting on the irregular flat square base, the forelegs bent but extended up thus raising the head. The mouth is open as if in full song, the large protruding eyes with circular incised pupils staring upwards and carved with a tad pole like tail in relief extending backwards, the feet are webbed and the back subtly carved evoking the animals form. A hole has been drilled through the mouth that comes out towards the centre of the base on the underside suggesting its use as a fountain. The grey stone has a weathered and mottled surface .

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