A lacquer gilt bronze figure of Buddha seated and crowned

Ratanokosin/ Bangkok period 1782-1851 AD, Thailand

Height: 120cm, Width: 80cm, Depth: 42cm

H47.24 x W31.5 x D16.54 inches

The Buddha is seated in dhyanasana, with both hands folded one on top of the other and resting in the lap in dhayana mudra, on a four tiered shaped pedestal base. The figure is dressed in an elaborately embroidered garment designed to resemble royal attire being extremely ornate, and further embellished with jewellery. The Buddha’s head is held upright in meditation, with full lips and closed mouth forming a half smile, the eyes open and inlaid with shell and glass, the ears abstracted into an almond shape with elongated lobes and pendant floral earrings. The head is covered by a headdress crown tapering to a pointed spire like finial.

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