A gilt bronze figure of Buddha Vajrasana

14th century, Tibet

Height: 29 cm, 11.42 inches

The figure is seated in dhyanasana on a double lotus base the petals of which adorn the front half between bead work borders; his hands are in the earth touching mudra, calling upon the earth to witness his enlightenment. The Buddha is clothed in a sanghati with an engraved border, it is draped over the left shoulder and arm clinging to the body in the transparent manner, both legs are covered leaving the feet exposed, the garment gathered into neat folds below the ankles. A double vajra is placed before the figure on the ground with finely engraved scroll work decorating the area on either side. His face is youthful with a blissful expression, the head slightly downward cast with raised urna flanked by pendant pierced earlobes, the blue hair with tight curls over the ushnisha, capped by a pointed knop.

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